People often ask how I am always motivated, yada yada yada. Truth be told... I AM NOT!!!!
Girls! I slip, fall, subject to faileo. Have bad days and bad weeks. It HAPPENS! The only thing I do if i slip is dust myself off, don't beat myself up over it and MOVE ON. That is it. Now I don't let my slipups happen often but I am HUMAN! I won't always be crazy super strict on my eating. I am a lovvvvver of all things bad (chips, brownies, cupcakes, boiled peanuts, pizza, coke, sweet tea, fried okra) BUT i try and save those for my cheats. If I focus on my cheat meal (reminding myself there will be a cheat meal at the end of the week) then that normally helps me not slip up during the week. I also have inspiration photos posted EVERYWHERE! In my car, on my fridge, on mirror in bedroom, EVERYWHERE!! Here are a few of my favorites.


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