People often ask how I am always motivated, yada yada yada. Truth be told... I AM NOT!!!!
Girls! I slip, fall, subject to faileo. Have bad days and bad weeks. It HAPPENS! The only thing I do if i slip is dust myself off, don't beat myself up over it and MOVE ON. That is it. Now I don't let my slipups happen often but I am HUMAN! I won't always be crazy super strict on my eating. I am a lovvvvver of all things bad (chips, brownies, cupcakes, boiled peanuts, pizza, coke, sweet tea, fried okra) BUT i try and save those for my cheats. If I focus on my cheat meal (reminding myself there will be a cheat meal at the end of the week) then that normally helps me not slip up during the week. I also have inspiration photos posted EVERYWHERE! In my car, on my fridge, on mirror in bedroom, EVERYWHERE!! Here are a few of my favorites.

What to wear during weight loss....

This is HARD!!!!!
Do you wear loose? Do you wear tight? what what what?!?!
Found this on pinterest and I think it is a great example of clothes that show off the new figure while still hiding some of my "still in progress" areas

Currently I am loving:
Dresses that are cinched at the waist (show off that figure!)
Leggings and oversized tee
Palazzo pants
Maxi Dresses

Hope this helps!


Hey y'all

So I clearly STINK at blogging. I'm so much better with just my IG. But I'm dying to have a place where I can just vent. Where I can talk about my success (losing 45 pounds!) and my fails (I had queso today). So I am COMMITTING to this blog. Hold me accountable, k?!?

Other news, 
I'm thinking/praying about getting my CPT. Would love to get certified so I can help other women lose weight and feel confident. Be a stronger, more awesome version of themselves! Not compare to someone else. Just work on them. 

Here's a few updated progress shots!
I'm currently weighing about 179-183 (started at about 220, holy cow), size 12 pants (started at size 18, OMG), and size Medium/Large tops (started about XXL).

Alright lovies!!!!!! 
I'll see you here tomorrow!

OMG Yall...

Guess who is BACK to the blogging world?! ME!!!!
I am SOOO excited to be back and sharing my story! Where have I been? Oh getting my BOOTAY into SHAPE!! I have lost almost 40 pounds! How?! CLEAN EATING & CROSSFIT!!! I still have about 25-30 pounds more to make me happy happy happy (duck dynasty, anyone?) but I can't wait to share MORE with yall. I have missed typing my little feelings away. REALLY! I have! Miss me?
Since it's been a LOONG time since we've seen each other I thought I'd recap a few stats. My starting weight was 220 (GASP! I know), I was wearing size XXL/1 (Plus size). I am now hovering 184-186 and a size 12. I have been trying to get out of the 180's for over a month.. It's been my plateau point, but I have amped up my clean eating and adding a little more running to help lean out.

Here are a few of BEFORE & DURING (don't want to say "After" yet) photos :)

I have also participated in my first Crossfit Competition with my gal Shauna! That was a BLAST!!! 3 Wods in ONE day! Talk about EXHAUSTED but SO fun and SO much awesome sauce in that place!

I also completed my FIRST HALF MARATHON on Thanksgiving Morning with my gal Kristy. I ran/walked this, but ended up running a little over 7 miles... WHAT?!?!?

Told yall I've been busy. heehee
Until next time!!!!