Hey y'all

So I clearly STINK at blogging. I'm so much better with just my IG. But I'm dying to have a place where I can just vent. Where I can talk about my success (losing 45 pounds!) and my fails (I had queso today). So I am COMMITTING to this blog. Hold me accountable, k?!?

Other news, 
I'm thinking/praying about getting my CPT. Would love to get certified so I can help other women lose weight and feel confident. Be a stronger, more awesome version of themselves! Not compare to someone else. Just work on them. 

Here's a few updated progress shots!
I'm currently weighing about 179-183 (started at about 220, holy cow), size 12 pants (started at size 18, OMG), and size Medium/Large tops (started about XXL).

Alright lovies!!!!!! 
I'll see you here tomorrow!


Sarah said...

Yay! So glad to see you blogging! I follow you on IG and you are a HUGE inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Glad you're blogging!

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